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LEP High is a school in problem. Indeed, some would call it a misfortune. Today, March 30th, at 7:00 pm, the Rose city Public School Board will choose the fate of an exception in the Portland location: a high school that works. Join a Group. Here are some ideas of groups that can allow you a long time far from work and Home: singing group, gardening group, astronomy society, Tai Lopez 67 Steps, quilting (or other craft) circle, biking/walking/running/ etc clubs, ski club, etc. What are you thinking about? Strike while the iron is hot. Search for a club in …Read more »

Is Tai Lopez a Scammer?

There are a lot of scam artists online, but if you have this notion that all people online will scam and lure you, then you are literally letting great opportunities pass by. Who is Tai Lopez? Why is he popular? Is he really legitimate or just another online scam artist? Tai is one of the honest people online. He is not a scammer. What he is doing is that he teaches and shares to other people his learning, experiences, and wisdom in life. He is a renaissance man and has authored a few books of unrelated subjects. Tai Lopez is …Read more »

Franchising Opportunity Offered By Brightstar Care Franchise

BrightStar Care is a company that offers franchising on both medical as well as nonmedical home care services. It is popular for its medical staffing. Shelly Sun is the person behind Brightstar Care. Brightstar offers great franchising opportunity to people who want to make it big in the business industry. You don’t need to have a medical background in order for you to run this type of business. The company offers training as well as ongoing marketing support. The franchising system enables owners to make profit on the multiple revenue streams. So, the business growth opportunity is limitless. Startup Cost …Read more »

Tai Lopez The Secret To Success

Are you finding it tough sometimes to become a leader? It can be intimidating sometimes, especially dealing with new leadership roles. So, when finding out how to hone your leadership skills and stay more comfortable, you need to learn what it requires. Please read on to find out exactly what makes up an incredible leader and the best way to work with our goal. Just to be a highly effective leader, you should work closely with your team. Listen to them when they talk, encourage individuality and innovation, and let each part of your team enjoy their individual and group …Read more »